The ACF Revolving Collective – THE HARD GRAFT

The ACF Revolving Collective – THE HARD GRAFT

The ACF Revolving Collective Presents: THE HARD GRAFT (The DJ Technique Applied To Menswear) Explained by Liam Maher of Denham

Produced by Copenhagers, Film & Edit: Mattia Abeni

In occasion of latest CIFF Trade Show here in Copenhagen we got the honor and pleasure to pay a visit the the A.C.F. (Art Comes First) rotating Collective while they were presenting their latest project: THE HARD GRAFT.
We talked to Liam and Jennifer Maher from Denahm about it and put together a lovely explanatory video about it.


A Collaboration Between Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh with Matteo Gioli and Liam Maher.
Progressing the tradition of menswear design from the past through the present into the future involves a process of hybridization, grafting, sampling and mixology.

Like a DJ digging through classic vinyl, remixing standards from the jazz and pop musical canon, menswear designers attempt to harmonize the most potent influences from their vintage research within a single contemporary concept.

Sam and Shaka of Art Comes First step into the atelier with Matteo Gioli of SuperDuper Hats and Liam Maher of Denham to cut, scratch, sample and mix vintage menswear in a demonstration of the DJ Technique Applied to Menswear. Lambert, Maidoh, Gioli and Maher will working toward a creative synthesis of sartorial and workwear influences that reflect each of their individual design obsessions.

Scratching with Sewing Needles: Each day of the event hybrid designs will evolve within a nomadic atelier.

Each day finished pieces will be styled into a focused exhibit of looks inspired by the men who progressed modern music from yesterday’s legends like Thelonious Monk
to contemporary pioneers like Yasijn Bey.



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Matteo Gioli: Super Duper Hats

Liam and Jennifer: DENHAM

Copenhagen International Fashion Fair: CIFF


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