Red Bull Curates Protege X Hypebeast

Project Description

Client: HYPEBEAST / Red Bull

What: Red Bull Curates Protégés x Hypebeast

Our Role: Video Production

”Red Bull Curates Protégés, a collaboration between Red Bull and fashion lifestyle website Hypebeast, showcases a group of lifestyle artists and designers from five different cities who create Red Bull Canvas Coolers to be placed in selected lifestyle stores in each city associated with the artists.”

”After visiting musician and illustrator Prodip in Hong Kong, we head further east to Malmö, Sweden, where Karolina Wójcik puts the finishing touches on her Canvas Cooler destined for Impala Streetwear. Known for her illustrations and massive painted murals, the cooler was the latest medium to carry her distinct blending of artistic styles and a self-described obsession with typography. The completed work eventually made its way to Impala, the first streetwear store to open in Malmö in 1998. For more on Karolina and her work, check out our Pen & Paper feature.”




Client: Red Bull , HYPEBEAST

Our Role: Pen&Paper – Portrait Photography


Red Bull Curates x HYPEBEAST – Karolina Wojcik (Malmo, Sweden)

”After several stints with so-called “real jobs,” Karolina Wojcik successfully made the jump from doing art on the side to making it her full-time passion. As with many artists, the native of Malmö, Sweden started small and worked her way up, gaining momentum as the canvases got bigger and bigger and eventually reaching the wall-sized paintings that make up many of her commissions. She credits fellow Swedish illustrator Hampus Ericstam and her older brother as some of the strong influences on her artistic life and style, which favors bold typography, crisp lines and traditional mediums like plain paper and acrylics. She recently shared a bit about her work and story while working on the Sweden leg of a special Red Bull Curates Protegetour.”

Full story, pictures, article and interview right here.



Client: HYPEBEAST / Red Bull

What: Red Bull Curates Protégé, HYPEBEAST Spaces (Photography)


”Considered to be among the first wave of streetwear stores in Malmö, Sweden, Impala has done more than just provide long sought-after offerings curated from brands. Since opening in 1998, the shop has been an active promoter of the creative community, collaborating with musicians, DJs, dancers, breakers and most recently, local artist Karolina Wojcik, who produced a special custom Red Bull cooler for the shop as part of the “Red Bull Curates Protégés” campaign. This appreciation for the local street culture scene inspires Impala’s  own in-house brand, which produces items in limited qualities using only handmade prints. For more on the shop, check out their blog here or pay them a visit.”

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