''COPENHAGERS wants to promote people, places, brands, ideas, projects. We want to give visibility to all those folks out there that every day keep doing what they love moved from a sincere feeling. Because at the end of the day it is all about passions.''

  • TRAILER PARK FESTIVAL 14 ”The Build Up” (Teaser)

    TRAILER PARK FESTIVAL 14 ”The Build Up” (Teaser)

    Copenhagers x TRAILER PARK FESTIVAL 14 ”The Build Up” – TEASER

  • The JAUNT Thumbnail

    THE JAUNT – David Shillinglaw (Video)

    Copenhagers x The Jaunt #008 – David Shillinglaw in Denmark (Documentary) Stepping out of your comfort zone and experiencing new surroundings is often quoted as the main source of inspiration for artists. We aim to …

  • UBIQ-3_logo_PerformingArts

    UBIQ – ”New Generations” (TV)

    Who: Copenhagers x RAI 5 (Italian TV) What: UBIQ, Season 3 ”New Generations” (Performing Artists) Copenhagen, Denmark. Following the journey of Christian Vincent; Ophelia’s Acting School  

  • vlcsnap-2014-07-05-14h38m22s8

    SHARING COPENHAGEN – Green Capital Award

    What: EUROPEAN GREEN CAPITAL AWARD Who: PROJEKTLAND x SHARING CPH We tagged alone with the guys from Projektland as a second camera operator providing some stock footage and super slowmo action during the celebration and …

  • The Hives

    THE HIVES Interview (Video)

    Copenhagers x BITCHSLAP MAGAZINE VANS Spring Classic 2014 – THE HIVES Video Interview ”While in Naples with Vans for the Vans Spring Classic in May 2014 we hooked up with The Hives for a chat about Rock’nRoll …

  • fotofot

    VANS Spring Classic 2014 (Video)

    Copenhagers x BITCHSLAP VANS Spring Classic 2014 @ Naples We tagged alone with Bitchslap during the 5th edition of the VANS Spring Classic 2014, Italy. This is the result of three days filming and having …



    VESS – Vesterbro Showroom What: VESS’ 3YS ANNIVERSARY PARTY @ KPH VOLUME We’ve been following the guys behind VESS almost since the very beginning of they gallery and adventure and we’ll certainly keep doing it …

  • Copenhagers ”WE RUN THE CITY” (Video)

    Copenhagers – ”WE RUN THE CITY” (Video)

    ”WE RUN THE CITY” – A Copenhagers Short Film About NBRO Personal Project, Shot back in March 2014 In early March this year we got in touch with NBRO and decided to meet with them …

  • red-bull-curates-proteges-impala-streetwear-2

    Copenhagers x HYPEBEAST SPACES

    Client: HYPEBEAST / Red Bull What: Red Bull Curates Protégé, HYPEBEAST Spaces (Photography) ”Considered to be among the first wave of streetwear stores in Malmö, Sweden, Impala has done more than just provide long sought-after …

  • Schermata 2014-04-15 alle 13.58.46

    Red Bull Curates Protege x HYPEBEAST (Video)

    Client: HYPEBEAST / Red Bull What: Red Bull Curates Protégés x Hypebeast Our Role: Video Production ”Red Bull Curates Protégés, a collaboration between Red Bull and fashion lifestyle website Hypebeast, showcases a group of lifestyle …

  • BS fram video

    Copenhagers x BITCHSLAP MAGAZINE

    Who: Bitchslap Magazine What: Issue 20 Release Party . We put together a little video for the awesome people running Bitchslap Magazine during their latest and infamous party release. ISSUE n.20 people, not a teenager anymore, playing …

  • Libertine-Libertine SS14 Launch Party

    Libertine-Libertine SS14 Launch Party

    Client: Libertine-Libertine Event: SS14 Monkey King Launch Party at Sunday . . A memorable clip for a memorable night. Highlights from 14/03/2014 party. We also produced this product presentation video focusing on styles and fabrics for the latest …

  • red-bull-curates-hypebeast-presents-pen-paper-with-karolina-wojcik-011

    Red Bull Curates Protege x HYPEBEAST

    Client: Red Bull , HYPEBEAST Our Role: Pen&Paper – Portrait Photography Red Bull Curates x HYPEBEAST – Karolina Wojcik (Malmo, Sweden) ”After several stints with so-called “real jobs,” Karolina Wojcik successfully made the jump from …

  • Copenhagers x AIAIAI (TMA-1 X Insights)

    Copenhagers x AIAIAI (TMA-1 X Insights)

    Client: AIAIAI We have been collaborating with the always resourceful and entertaining  folks at AIAIAI on the realization of some insights videos about one of their latest product release, the TMA-1 X ”As a new …

  • Copenhagers x Libertine-Libertine (AW14)

    Copenhagers x Libertine-Libertine (AW14)

    Client: Libertine-Libertine Series of Teasers shot during Copenhagen Fashion Week 14 promoting their upcoming Fall/Winter Collection 2014 Series of Teasers shot during Copenhagen Fashion Week 14 promoting their upcoming Fall/Winter Collection 2014 for Libertine-Libertine  

  • The ACF Revolving Collective – THE HARD GRAFT

    The ACF Revolving Collective – THE HARD GRAFT

    The ACF Revolving Collective Presents: THE HARD GRAFT (The DJ Technique Applied To Menswear) Explained by Liam Maher of Denham Produced by Copenhagers, Film & Edit: Mattia Abeni In occasion of latest CIFF Trade Show …

  • Copenhagers x AIAIAI (Caroline Sillesen Interview)

    Copenhagers x AIAIAI (Caroline Sillesen)

    Commissioned by: AIAIAI The latest edition in the AIAIART series comes with a generous helping of the feminine touch. Caroline Sillesen is a young illustrator/artist with a distinctive black/white graphic aesthetic and a deeply personal …

  • norse thumbnail

    NORSE PROJECTS – Stoflighed Launch (Video)

    Client: Norse Projects .Event: Stoflighed Launch @ NORSE STORE Inspiring people down at Norse Store asked us to video-cover the launch of the Softlighed Shoes. Thanks to everyone who stopped by Norse Store Saturday the 28th …

  • AIAIAI x Kistunes Featured Image

    AIAIAI x Kitsuné – Track Headphones Edition

    Client: AIAIAI, KISTUNE’ AIAIAI x Kitsuné: The Track x Kitsuné Tee Edition Headphones AIAIAI has teamed up with the renowned Parisian record label-slash-house of style, Kitsuné, for a collaboration, which sees the award-winningTracks headphones undergo a colourful …

  • bobby

    Copenhagers: RETRO BOBBY

      Ruben & Bobby, a hybrid hair salon-toy store in Copenhagen celebrates the games and geek culture of the 1970s-1990s. Bobby Ågren, who sports a mushroom-meets-mullet hairstyle, cuts hair and packs the shelves of the …


    Copenhagers x HYPEBEAST

    . Client: HYPEBEAST . . ”Clean lines and modern aesthetics have come to define the visual identity of Copenhagen headphone purveyors AIAIAI. While the superficial aspect of their headphones are captivating in their own right, the …

  • vlcsnap-2013-05-08-13h35m07s178

    Copenhagers x Bicycle Innovation Lab

    . ”Learning With Bikes” . Client: Bicycle Innovation Lab . . Sustainability, cycling, workshops and much more. . .



    . Band: FICTION . Venue: VESS . .. We quickly caught up with London based band FICTION during their stay here in Copenhagen after their impressive session at VESS during their WEEKBREAK event. . .

  • Copenhagers x AIAIAI (Interview with Beastie Respond)

    AIAIAI Fragment: Introducing Beastie Respond

    . Client: AIAIAI . Fragment: Introducing BEASTIE RESPOND . . ”In this, the latest Fragment interview, we stayed close to home, more specifically the Copenhagen borough of Nørrebro, where we had an in-depth conversation with …

  • Copenhagers x BE RIGHT BASS

    Copenhagers x BE RIGHT BASS

    . Client: BE RIGHT BASS .   . BE RIGHT BASS 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY ► SO SHIFTY (Mad Decent, Man Recordings, Top Billin m.fl.) ► PANIK DISCO (Klubb Ouch) ► ROB LOVE (House of …

  • Copenhagers x TRAILERPARK FESTIVAL 2012 (Promo Edit)

    Copenhagers x TRAILERPARK FESTIVAL 2012

    . Promotional edit video for TRAILERPARK FESTIVAL 2012 commissioned by: Trailerpark Festival . .

  • Copenhagers x ANDERS THRANE

    Copenhagers x ANDERS THRANE

    . An interview with: Anders Thrane . We caught up with danish polyhedric artist Anders Thrane while exhibiting his latest project at VESS Showroom. A retrospective about family, relatives and memories; deeply connected, with active and …

  • Copenhagers x DENIMHUNTERS

    Copenhagers x DENIMHUNTERS

    . Commissioned by: DENIMHUNTERS . . ”Denimhunters is an online magazine about the passion for jeans and denim, and other well-crafted products and designs. Our vision is to guide and entertain our readers while helping them become more …

  • Copenhagers x AIAIAI Fashion Week

    Copenhagers x AIAIAI Fashion Week

    . Commissioned by: AIAIAI . . ”We came, we saw, we….parked a heavily modified sound taxi in the middle of Forum. And times were had at the Gallery fair where we presented our latest products …

  • Copenhagers x AIAIAI (HuskMitNavn)

    Copenhagers x AIAIAI (HuskMitNavn Interview)

    . Commissioned by: AIAIAI  . . It gives us no small amount of childlike joy to feature Copenhagen street art legend huskmitnavn in the AIAIART series. As some of you may remember, we once did …

  • Copenhagers x AIAIAI (Interview With Henrik Schwarz)

    Copenhagers x AIAIAI (Interview With Henrik Schwarz)

    . Commissioned by: AIAIAI  . . ”We caught up with jazz-loving, deep house phenomenon, Henrik Schwarz at the Strøm festival for a chat about his influences, his take on the creative mindset and the inherent freedom …

  • Copenhagers x AIAIAI x Strøm Festival x Red Bull Music Academy

    Copenhagers x AIAIAI x Strøm Festival x Red Bull Music Academy

    Commissioned by: AIAIAI  ”We supplied the Strøm festival with some headphones for their workshop at Culture Box, which was taught by Tony Nwachukwu, and featured talks with Detroit Legend Mike Huckaby and Anders Trentemøller. Good vibes, …

  • Copenhagers x DISTORTION

    Copenhagers x DISTORTION

    . Commissioned by: VESS . . Copenhagers x RIESEN x VESS x DISTORTION 2012 (Teaser) .

  • Copenhagers x ART DISTRICT

    Copenhagers x ART DISTRICT

    . Commissioned by: ART DISTRICT . . A new ”Meeting Series Interview” starring ART DISTRICT, a webshop platform that promotes young artists in Denmark but not only… .

  • Copenhagers x AIAIAI (Interview With Basco 5)

    Copenhagers x AIAIAI (Interview With Basco 5)

    . Client: AIAIAI ”For our first art session (AKA filmed art interview) we rendezvous’d with Nørrebro’s best kept art secret, the one and only BASCO5” . . Basco5 is a pretty interesting dude. The Canadian-born, Copenhagen-based …

  • Copenhagers x NO MAN’S ART GALLERY

    Copenhagers x NO MAN’S ART GALLERY

    . Commissioned by: NO MAN’S ART GALLERY . . No Man’s Art Gallery provides an international platform for young artists by organizing pop up galleries all over the world. Every three months we take on …

  • test

    Copenhagers x MONTAGNE JEUNESSE

    Client: montagnejeunesse.com Montagne Jeunesse – Beauty is a marathon (Join The Revolution)  

  • 557242_410387912350358_1455075906_n

    Copenhagers x VESS Re-Launch (Teasers)

    Copenhagers x VESS Vesterbro Showroom Re-Launch Party Teasers:      



    Street Artist and DON FISSO owner Kasper Nielsen

  • 1467364_186971408174790_1690096706_n

    Copenhagers x VIBES (Photos)

    . Client: VIBES . VIBES brings together a broad range of event professionals and operators, officials and politicians from across the entire Øresund Region. Founded by Oresund Event Center, a three-year Interreg IV A – …

  • Ubiq TV Rai 5 Userfarm

    Copenhagers x Ubiq TV – ”Il Gioco”

    . Client: Ubiq TV – RAI 5 . Platform: Userfarm . . Video produced for Italian TV programmed ”Ubiq TV” aired on RAI 5 from summer 2012 on. .

  • sperm bike

    Copenhagers x RAI 5 – The Sperm Bike

    . Client: RAI 5 . Through: Userfarm – Ubiq TV . . WATCH THE VIDEO AT THIS LINK HERE . Video Produced for Italian TV Channel RAI 5 and aired by the program ”Ubiq TV”, …

  • Copenhagers x URTEGAARDEN

    Copenhagers x URTEGAARDEN

    . Client: URTEGAARDEN . Flødeboller Video Recipe . . Step by step video recipe for the traditional danish Flødeboller treats from the Urtegaarden Kit. .

  • Ableton AIAIAI

    Ableton x AIAIAI Event in Studio A

    . Client: AIAIAI . Event: Ableton x AIAIAI . . Our buddies from Ableton came by the store to show us what the Ableton Push and Live9 can do. Beer drinking and merriment ensued. ableton.com/ aiaiai.dk …

  • Horst Und Edeltraut Magazine @ Studio Travel

    Horst Und Edeltraut Magazine @ Studio Travel (Live Report)

    . . AIAIAI Live Report – Horst Und Edeltraut Magazine Release Party @ Studio Travel Copenhagen . aiaiai.dk copenhagers.com horstundedeltraut.com http://studiotravel.tumblr.com .

  • Copenhagers x AIAIAI – Shut Up And Play My Hits (Event Coverage)

    Copenhagers x AIAIAI – Shut Up And Play My Hits (Event Coverage)

    . Copenhagers x AIAIAI . . ”On October the 6th 2012 Denmark hosted the Scandinavian premiere of the movie -Shut Up And Play The Hits- featuring the last live show of LCD Soundsystem in Madison …

  • Copenhagers x CPH Treasures

    Copenhagers x CPH Treasures

     . Commissioned by: CPH Treasures . CPH Treasures is a guide is meant as a service to all the visitors in the city, which is why it is written in English. But of course it …

  • 1959662_624023797653434_1574181007_n

    Copenhagers: ”2×2” ShowReel

    . Produced by Copenhagers to celebrate diverseness . . WELCOME TO COPENHAGERS . ”2×2” is the result of almost two years of experiences, meeting and interviewing people, covering events; work and witnesses condensed in 2 …

  • Copenhagers x CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN

    Copenhagers x CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN

    ”I believe in the future and I believe in power of creativity. I think anyone can pursue their dreams and what they set themselves for, if they are hard working, dedicated and passionate about what …

  • Copenhagers x VESS: Vesterbro Showroom

    Copenhagers x VESS: Vesterbro Showroom

    Copenhagers x VESS: Vesterbro Showroom RE-LAUNCH PARTY Video coverage of the party that took place at VESS on the 21/04/12 in occasion of the re-launch of the showroom. Featuring VESS, OH DAWN, It’s All Good, …